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An Introduction...

Becoming The Electronic Music Industry's Suite For Artists

Becoming an over-night success in the modern music business takes years to achieve. Years of networking, of industry know-how and getting things right first-time alongside incredible music.


The reality is, despite so many gifted artists and producers existing today - we as an industry will only discover a portion of their talent, and the individuals who need their music most in their lives, will never come into contact with it.

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Artist Suite exists to support and nurture artists to help them flourish and thrive through taking a full 360-degree approach to Artist Development.

We don't just help artist's release their music, we help craft healthy and sustainable careers that are aligned and full of fulfilment. 


Our Artist Development Philosophy is deeply embedded within Flow State, Empowered Living and Meaningful Connections. 


Since 2016 Artist Suite founder, Daniel Fish has been establishing initiatives focused on supporting emerging artists. The Artist Suite fuses all years of work together to create an agency for 1-on-1 development of emerging artists in music.

Daniel Fish's purpose driven career includes being co-founder of Liverpool Audio Network and Electronic Sound Summit, Founder of Your Music Industry Podcast and StudioArt. He has also worked on projects including both The International Music Summit's and Trapital's 'Business Report' and has also worked within industry at Label Worx (Distributor), VAMPR (Publishing) Make Your Transition (Artist Development) and Beats By Dre. (Sales).

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